Choosing The Right Nursing Expert As Your Legal Consultant

Do you have a nursing malpractice issue in a new case?  Success may well depend on hiring the right nursing expert as your legal consultant.

It is crucial in a malpractice suit to match the nursing expert’s level of education, specialty area, and credentials to the defendant nurse’s expertise.

Many attorneys are not aware of the many varied levels of nursing education and nursing specialties that have developed over the last few years.  These days, there are LPN’s or licensed practical nurses, RN’s, or registered nurses, and APRN’s, or masters prepared advanced practice nurses. [1]

A nurse may have a specialty area within each of these areas.  For instance, some LPN’s have taken courses that grant them the privilege of starting IV lines even though that has traditionally been the domain of RN’s.  RN’s may specialize in only one or in more than one medical area, such as wound care, psychiatric care, or perioperative care.  APRN’s can perform various procedures that were traditionally left to physicians, such as sewing up a patient or intubating a patient.

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