Plaintiff Attorneys

You save Case Preparation Time and Maximize Damages with:

  • Clear, concise medical summaries of voluminous medical records and layman’s descriptions of all medical terms
  • An overview of all entries in the medicals relating to pain and suffering, inclusive of:
    • Invasive medical procedures
    • Documented complaints of pain and discomfort
  • A review of the psychosocial aspects of the catastrophic injury. These include:
    • Impact on the individual’s self-confidence
    • Strains on marriages and relationships with others
    • Individual’s emotional stability
    • Work related issues

Kathleen’s experience as a field case manager, working with catastrophic injury patients on a long term basis, provides her and her team a unique “first hand” insight, into the long term sequelae of such devastating injuries.

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What Our Clients Say

  • "The Nurse Paralegal USA team thoroughly researches issues regarding trauma cases that enable my law firm to definitively prove causation and achieve successful outcomes for my clients. I am pleased to recommend the services of Nurse Paralegal USA."

    - Darryl Carimi, Esq. Carimi Law Firm
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