Our Team

Our Team of Medical Professionals:  Nurse Paralegal USA employs onshore medical personnel with substantial clinical experience to review and/or provide opinions on cases.  Our medical professionals have intensive bedside experience in ambulatory settings, clinics and hospitals.  Registered nurses have charge nurse, supervisory, and director of nursing backgrounds.  Our chiropractic staff has an extensive background in occupational health and the rehabilitation/physical medicine setting. Areas of expertise include:   

  1. Medical Surgical/Telemetry 
  2. Critical Care: Emergency Room/ICU 
  3. Head Injury 
  4. Tick Borne Illness 
  5. Chiropractic, Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine 
  6. Infusion Therapy/Vascular Access Specialist 
  7. Cardiac Catheterization 
  8. Pediatrics, Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care 
  9. Labor & Delivery, Maternal Child, Well Baby 
  10. Nursing Home/LTAC 
  11. GI/Endoscopy 
  12. Interventional Pain 
  13. Utilization review, Pre-certification, Retrospective Review 
  14. Treatment Plan and Durable Medical Equipment Review 
  15. Fraud, Waste and Abuse 
  16. ODG Disability Guidelines 
  17. Special event Emergency Medical Services 

While our firm assigns every case to a primary reviewer, we use a team approach to address subtle clinical issues identified in each case.

Our Team of Seasoned Paralegals:  Nurse Paralegal USA staff consists of ABA certified paralegals with extensive backgrounds in varied practices such as personal injury, medical malpractice, asbestos, talc power, and maritime litigation.  Our paralegals are proficient in all phases of legal document preparation as well as medical records procurement and organization.  They are also adept researchers with expertise in the use of Lexis Nexus and Westlaw databases.   

What Our Clients Say

  • "Nurse Paralegal USA staff is well trained, with expertise in a variety of clinical settings. Their teamwork approach provides our firm with ample resources for developing cases with complex medical records."

    - Attorney client