Defense Attorneys

As a Medical Malpractice Defense attorney, you are assured all relevant issues are addressed when you receive a Comprehensive Summary of a patient’s medical records.  The information is inclusive beyond the simple medical records and include:

  • Both an ”Abbreviated Overview” timeline of the case and a more detailed “Full Length” chronology
  • Historical record of school, work, unemployment and social security activity both pre and post event as well as any “pre-existing” conditions or situations
  • Scholarly references and background regarding applicable standards of care
  • A discussion/analysis of the medical records as they relate to specific allegations of the complaint

When you as a Defense Attorney are ready to move forward, or want additional information on our services, please contact us at or 504-236-5435.

What Our Clients Say

  • "Nurse Paralegal USA provides me with in depth medical records summaries that connect the facts with crucial information, thus limiting my clients’ exposure. They’ve been doing this for over 9 years and I highly recommend the services of Nurse Paralegal USA to any attorney wanting to provide a vigorous defense for each and every client they serve."

    - Raquelle Badeaux Phillips, Esq.
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