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Nursing Narratives: A Day in the Life of a Labor and Delivery Nurse

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Today’s post is First in our series, Nursing Narratives. Nurse Paralegal USA staff Nancy Saucier, R.N. relates her first-hand account of labor and delivery involving a cord prolapse. On a day without emergencies … The typical day would start with the staff nurses for the day sitting down together and getting a report from the […]


NPUSA Announces ‘Records Retrieval Services’ in connection with US Legal Support

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Nurse Paralegal USA now offers records retrieval services in connection with our referral partner US Legal Support. Streamline your case preparation process with records retrieval and medical records summaries all rolled into one!  US Legal Support guarantees delivery of medical records in 30 days and Nurse Paralegal USA has a turn around time of 2-3 […]


Choosing The Right Nursing Expert As Your Legal Consultant

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Do you have a nursing malpractice issue in a new case?  Success may well depend on hiring the right nursing expert as your legal consultant. It is crucial in a malpractice suit to match the nursing expert’s level of education, specialty area, and credentials to the defendant nurse’s expertise. Many attorneys are not aware of […]


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